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Budhdha statue with peepal leaves Nameplate


Budhdha statue with peepal leaves Nameplate

* Wooden Crafted Nameplate.

* Budhdha with embossed leaves and fonts.

* Combination of cutting of wood, acrylic painting,clay work and resin coating.

* 8 mm thick MDF wood is used.

* Glossy coat is applied on final product to give strength, durability, moisture and colour protection.

* One can wipe dry as well as wet cloth.

* 2 hooks are provided on backside for hanging.

* Customisation is available in size and colours.

* Approximately size: Width-35 cm, height- 20 cm

* We will send final design of nameplate for your approval before final preparation of nameplate.

* It will take 7-8 working days to prepare final product.

* Beautifully crafted and passionately made nameplate enhances beauty of your home entrance and brings positive vibes to your life

* Perfect and specially personalised gift for relatives and friends.

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